Can Men Wear Fur? Advice and Tips for Gentlemen in Fur

Can Men Wear Fur? Advice and Tips for Gentlemen in Fur

Can Men Wear Fur? Advice and Tips for Gentlemen in Fur

When people think of fur, most think of women wearing beautiful and elegant fur styles. But why should women get all of the fun? Fur is a practical and stylish choice for both men and women. As fashion evolves to incorporate more fur, men’s style is also evolving. 

More designers are tailoring their collections for men. From rugged to refined, it has never been a better time to check out men's fur.

Whether you're a woman looking to find that special gift for your special someone or you're a gentleman looking for a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe, read on to learn how to look stunning in men's fur:

Choose Your Fur Coat Length Wisely

A fur coat will keep you luxuriously warm and comfortable, and it’ll be an eye-catcher, so it’s important to make sure it flatters you. If you have a larger build, avoid puffier coats and look for a coat with a slimming effect.

Most men coats are longer than women's, hitting the knees or longer. But there are shorter options available, like bomber jackets.

Pick Your Colors and Patterns

Men should take the time to try on their coat to find the right style. There are many colors and even patterns available for men. With all of these choices, it’s important to try on your coat first if possible. The wrong color can wash you out, and the wrong shape will not flatter. Shopping for a fur coat is like shopping for the perfect shoe; keep trying them on until you find the perfect fit.

Different furs come in different textures. Here is a quick overview on the most popular types of furs:

Mink Fur - Mink is globally one of the most popular furs. It’s a fur coat staple and was a top pick of old Hollywood glamour. Mink is perfect for fancier fur coats as well as causal garments. This type of fur is as beautiful as it is durable, with an especially soft feel.

Rabbit Fur - Rabbit is a top choice because of its texture, beauty, and adaptability. Naturally rabbit has long hairs to give it a sporty look. And, rabbit can be sheared, dyed, and processed to look like other furs making it extremely versatile.

Fox Fur - Fox is a full bodied fur with amazing fluff and texture. This type of fur comes in many colors and shades including silver, red, and white and can be dyed in even more colors. Fox is perfect for collars, cuffs, hats, and more.  

Chinchilla Fur - Chinchilla is the softest fur available due to its high hair density—the highest density of any animal. Because of this, chinchilla is more rare and expensive. Chinchilla comes in natural silver grey and deep blues.

Fur Trim and Other Options

As you search for your perfect fur coat, you might realize that a full fur coat isn't right for you. A fur-trimmed coat might be an option if you don't want to commit to a full fur coat, but still want the style and warmth it provides. Fur trim coats can include a fur lined hood or collar. These types of coats work well for causal or dressy occasions. You can also always opt for fur accessories like gloves or hats.

Fur coats are a perfect way to stand out from the crowd while staying warm. Men's fur coats are different from women's fur coats, so it’s important to know what to look for.