Elegant Fall and Winter Wedding Fur Styles

Elegant Fall and Winter Wedding Fur Styles

Weddings are always a special time.

While they traditionally take place in the spring and summer, the cooler seasons are becoming an attractive option for brides.

The icy background of a winter wedding can give your ceremony a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are thinking about a winter wedding, don't think you're doomed to big and dull winter coats. Cold weather calls for fabulous and practical furs.

Full-Length Coats

If you are looking for a dramatic finishing touch to your wedding dress, consider investing in a full length fur coat. A long fur coat will keep you comfortably warm during your outside winter ceremony and add a "WOW" factor to your entire ensemble.

For a complete snowy-princess look, go for a white fur coat to complement your dress. If you want a more contemporary feel, choose a light or medium brown coat. Fur adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding look, but don't forget your other traditional accessories like earrings, tiaras, and winter flowers.

Shawls, Wraps, and Muffs

Maybe your wedding isn't set for the coldest parts of winter. If you're having a fall or early spring wedding, fur accessories like shawls, wraps, and muffs will pair well with other luxurious fabrics like silk and lace. No matter what style of dress you have, you can find the perfect fur addition:

Shawls - A fur shawl is a classic winter wedding staple because of its versatility and classic. Shawls come in a variety of traditional colors like brown, black, and white or you can choose a more exotic shade like pink, dark red, or emerald.

Wraps - Fur wraps are another stunning choice for cold weather weddings. They come in a variety of styles and prices to match your budget. Pair your fur wrap with crystal brooch or diamond necklace to give your wedding look even more classic elegance. 

Muffs - Fur muffs prove that a little bit of fur goes a long way.  They are a fashionable way to keep your hands warm, and are an excellent way to show off your vintage style. Most wedding muffs come in classic white or crème.

Don't Forget About the Wedding Party!

Your wedding day is a memorable event for your wedding party as well. To maintain a cohesive look with your bridesmaids, coordinate your furs with them. Of course, all of the items don't have to match exactly. The idea is to complement one another. Plus gifting a fur wrap or muff is a perfect way to show your appreciation to your bridal team.

And don’t forget about the younger members of your wedding, like your flower girl. There are child sizes for fur muffs, wraps, and toppers to add the finishing touch to your special day.

The options for fur are almost limitless. Yes - you do want your prized wedding dress to shine through and be the star of the show, but the right fur is a perfect accompaniment to enhance your beauty. Plus they look stunning for your romantic photo shoots with your new husband.

For fall or winter weddings, a fur garment is a perfect way to stay warm and cozy while looking like the perfect bride.